Hannex 28cm Stainless Steel Dual-Sided Hot Pot

Hannex 28cm Stainless Steel Dual-Sided Hot Pot

Among the troubles of dealing with metal clay, like kiln silver clay, is the issue of how it should be fired after the pieces are formed and dried. Numerous enthusiasts demurred from utilizing metal clays since it is essential to have a kiln in order to achieve this job. Nevertheless, now that low-fire metal clays are easily offered, ceramic kilns are not required so long as the pieces to be fired are not bigger than a silver dollar. Numerous low-fire metal clays fire at low temperature levels so that pieces weighing less than twenty grams can be quickly fired with a butane torch. However another possibility is to fire them in a Hannex 28cm stainless steel Dual-Sided hot pot. Dual-Sided hot pots cost around forty dollars, and need gelled ethanol fuel which costs about one dollar per usage.

So, I figured that for forty dollars the important things deserved exploring, particularly because it represents a significant cost savings over the expense of buying ceramic kilns. For a long time I continued to utilize my butane torch, however ultimately I checked out the Dual-Sided hot pot, and I instantly liked it. For something, it is extremely practical. I typically make great deals of clay pieces at one time and let them dry naturally, which suggests it might be a day or more till I get to shooting them. Utilizing the torch technique I ‘d need to sit there and do one piece at a time, and given that it can take 5 minutes to torch-fire each piece, when there are great deals of pieces this takes a substantial quantity of time. On the other hand, with the Hannex 28cm stainless steel Dual-Sided hot pot it simply takes a couple of minutes to establish the pot, and great deals of pieces can be fired at the exact same time so long as they are little. Then I can simply let the Dual-Sided hot pot fire, which takes around 15 minutes.

There are some security preventative measures, similar to kiln ventilation, which need to be taken into consideration. Although the fuel utilized in Dual-Sided hot pots is apparently non-toxic, however it has a bad odor, so it is a smart idea to utilize it outdoors and watch on it. Likewise, they get exceptionally hot, for that reason they should not be touched and kids and animals need to be kept away till they are entirely cooled off.

I had actually attempted a Hannex 28cm stainless steel Dual-Sided hot pot which came from the trainer in a metal clay class which I took at a regional university, so I was just able to utilize it in class. Prior to buying my own I asked on the web about exactly what other jewelry-makers thought of them. I got blended responses to my web query. Some jewelry-makers liked it, however some didn’t. Problems versus the Dual-Sided hot pot were that the fuel is costly, which it can break ultimately, which restricts the variety of shootings you can do in the exact same one. When I acquired my own the directions stated that fractures will often happen in the pot, however it is sill alright to utilize it so long as the fractures do not divide the pot open.

Reference: http://www.hannex.ca.

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