Stained Glass Window


The stained glass window in the front of the church reflects our call to the people

of God in this place. The blue field of the central cross is the Advent color for hope.

Living Word was born in “hope” on the first Sunday of Advent in 1981. Imposed on

the blue cross is the Greek “Chi Rho” which are the first two letters in the name

Christ (Greek).

The staff of the “Chi Rho” extends to the bottom of the window and forms the roots

of the vine, which is Jesus Christ. The roots remind us that we are rooted and

grounded in the Living Word of God, Jesus Christ.

The four green leaves symbolize our life in Christ in the world. Four is the biblical

number for the world and green is the color of life. Christ is the vine and we are

the branches. Together in Him, we bear the fruits of faith. The window stands as

a symbol of Christ, the Living Word, in the world.